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Jun 20 '13
Jun 19 '13
Mar 14 '12

Reading about women in DC comic books, real & fiction

First up, Jenette Kahn, 26 year President and Editor-in-Chief of DC comics.

Also the article where it cites Jenette’s male to female creator ratio during her DC stead, also her encounters with the ‘boys club.’  From Sequential Tart, May, 2001.

Which brought me to the Sequential Tart site.  

February 2010, folks were asked the question: What comic-book relationships were you wrong about?

See Suzette Chan’s answer regarding the Kent marriage.

Or this one by Margaret O’Connell on June 27, 2011, where she states in her opening paragraph.

"Whether both spouses are heroes or not, superhero marriages are far less likely to come across as dull, staidly predictable, and parental if each partner has a distinctive personality, backstory, and storyline of his or her own."

Maybe Matt Idelson, Editor of the Super books, as well as the ‘illustrious’ Co-Publishers should take note.

Why are women only 1% of the creators at DC Comics now when they were about 50% in 2001?  Why are marriages dissolved off panel because they are considered boring, dull, predictable, keeping the hero down when marriage adds another layer of conflict and opens up even MORE stories to tell?  Why didn’t DC (John Rood) state that at least 20% (if not more) of the people (taking the survey) who are reading the new 52 are FEMALE?

I started researching with the Jenette Kahn article first because she turned her creators loose on character driven stories, drove the creator rights initiative, and also left with a male to female creator ratio of 1:1.   Read about how it was tough for this woman to enter the entire male world of DC Comics back in 1976.  (Sounds a bit like Lois Lane in 1938)  And think about what we’ve seen in the past year displayed by the all male DC panels at the various comic cons, interviews, etc.

This is what worries me — if DC’s target audience is 14 to 34 year old males come hell or high water, this statement from 2001 is ominous with the way present-day DC Comics treats its female characters, women in general and their female readership.

At best they were an innocuous entertainment and at worst they were trash, corrupting young minds.” — Jenette Kahn, speaking of comics before she came to DC Comics.

Do we really need a new generation of misogynists?

Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment, needs to hear your views on this.

Feb 15 '12

Leave it to a woman …

"[DC Entertainment president] Diane Nelson was really the one who said, bully for you undertaking the New 52, but let’s from the get go have some sense of measurement to confirm what we all speculate on. And she’s taken that research imperative across our company. We have a business that is in publishing but also in media and merchandising. And when we work across the three brands of DC Comics Vertigo and Mad, as you can imagine there’s much to be reached to be more strategic some of these things we launch." — John Rood, VP of Sales, Marketing and Business Development at DC Comics

Yep, it takes a woman to tell the boys that they should measure their success or failure AND NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS THAT THEY ARE RIGHT ALL THE TIME!!!